School History

Historic Perspective


Newdegate School was established in 1926 and was one of several schools in the area including Lake Biddy and North Newdegate.


The school was named after Sir Francis Tristam Newdigate of Newdegate who was Governor of Western Australia from 1920 to 1924.


The school has re established contact with the descendents of the Newdegate family who have owned the Arbury Estate of some 1000 hectares, in Warwickshire, since 1586. The estate combines farming enterprises, parklands and extensive gardens.


The present incumbent, James FitzRoy Newdegate became the 4thViscount Daventry in 2000 and together with his wife and children live at Arbury Hall.


Newdegate Primary School was a Level 4 school (over 110 students) for a number of years but has settled back to a Level 3 with a population of between 50 to 60 students.


Newdegate Primary School is situated at the eastern edge of the Wheatbelt Education Region, some 400 kms south east of Perth and 300 kms north west of Esperance. 

The community of Newdegate is strong, vibrant and friendly with the school being a major focus for the mainly farming and rural based population. 


An on site swimming pool, kindergarten and Early Childhood Centre, library, large covered area and administration office, as well as extensive gardens and open play areas are all features of our school.

Three buses service Newdegate Primary, as our students are predominately from families on surrounding farms. 


Our school encourages community members to be involved with the teaching and learning programmes to ensure the students benefit from initiatives and local expertise which will enhance their learning. The “At the Hainsworth” initiative involves students liaising with community members and the museum’s committee to hold community concerts and art exhibitions in this historic building.  

The School Council together with the P&C are very active and involved in decision-making and fund raising for the school. Some of their many major projects include; purchase and setting up of the weather station, new school oval, water wise projects, reading resources, air-conditioning and our new play ground equipment.

We strive for excellence in sport and academia and are proud of our achievements. Newdegate together with Lake King PS, annually conduct PEAC courses for identified gifted students.  
Students also participate in Skills & Drills, Cricket Round Robin Competition, Cross Country, Newdegate Field Days Art Competition and are in the process of setting up e-pals links with students from overseas.

The school has a teaching Principal, three full time teaching staff, two part time teachers and a music specialist all of whom are very dedicated and highly committed professionals. 
As part of our team, we are very fortunate to have two extremely efficient and hardworking Registrars, a Library Officer, four Education Assistants, two Cleaners and Gardeners.