About Us

Newdegate Primary School is a Department of Education and Training Level 3 school situated in the Esperance Education District.

We are very fortunate to have a warm and friendly rural school, located in the township of Newdegate, some 400 kms south east of Perth and 300 kms north west of Esperance.
The on site swimming pool, kindergarten, library, under-covered area and administration area, as well as our large open play areas are features of our school. The school uses the library area for its LOTE programmes, other general lessons, school assemblies and meetings.
Three buses service Newdegate Primary, as our 45 students are predominately from families from surrounding farms or families that work in the agricultural support services.

Our school encourages community members to be involved with our teaching and learning programmes to ensure the students benefit from initiatives and projects which will enhance their learning. Extra activities that are supported by members of the community include; reading, art programmes, netball, gymnastics, hockey, football and music lessons.

The School Council together with the P&C are also very active and are involved in decision-making and fund raising for the school. Some of their many major projects include; our under covered area, school oval, water wise projects, assistance with up to date reading series and our beautiful play ground equipment.

Our students have been successful in a variety of areas over the past few years.
In 2003, one of our Year 7 students was awarded the Vi Barham Award For Excellence.
In 2008 we were successful in winning our district athletics competition.
In 2008 our PEAC students won the coveted Newspapers in Education award.
In 2009 a team of students came runners up in the Esperance District Young Engineers award.
In 2009, a year 7 student was awarded a scholarship to a prestigious Perth school.

We continue to strive for excellence in sport and academia and are proud of our achievements.

Like our school, Newdegate is a proud community that has a strong network of support for one another. A great example of this spirit is seen each year when the town hosts the Newdegate Field Day in September which allows the community to celebrate and highlight the local farming industry.

Staffing Profile
The school has a dedicated teaching team comprising a teaching Principal, two full time teaching staff, two part time teachers and a music specialist.
In addition to our wonderful teaching staff we are very fortunate to have an extremely hardworking support team which includes; two Registrars, a Library Officer, 2 Education Assistants, 2 cleaners and 2 gardeners.